My Life Be Like…….



Hey y’all! My name is Samantha Hurd and welcome to my blog! My life be like……..crazy (also known as my hippy dippy lifestyle)! It’s really the only way I can explain this amazing journey I’m currently on. First and foremost, thank you for reading and for your interest in to what I have to say.

I am a stay-at-home mom and just had my first baby. Lord help me!  My hometown is a little beach town on the eastern side of North Carolina. The Outer Banks is a very special place and a great tourist town for beach-going families! My fiancé and I have been vegetarian almost 7 months now and never looked back. I am an essential oil enthusiast and enjoy living a healthy and chemical-free lifestyle. Researching and learning new ways to ditch the chemicals from my home and to live a healthier life for my family and I, is my ultimate goal. I am forever challenging myself and growing into the best person I can be.

I started my OILY journey with Young Living over a year ago and haven’t looked back. This amazing journey is what drives me to create residual income for my family and I. Educating myself on the dangers of the toxins in the products I use every day is rewarding and enlightening. Whether that is my make-up, my cleaning products, what I use on or around my baby and what I put into my body on a daily basis. I’m inspired by every day life and I hope my blog inspires you too. Welcome to my hippy dippy lifestyle!

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