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Babies!! Those cute little snuggly bundles of joy bring you such happiness and love! I am a new mother of a beautiful 10-month-old boy. He is my everything and my whole life changed when he was born. So, with that came all the fears, questions and concerns of becoming not only a mom but a good role model for my baby boy. During my pregnancy I encountered mountains of research on EVERYTHING baby! Milestone accomplishments, breastfeeding tips and I read every what-to-expect article out there! But one major topic that I researched was baby products. In particular, what ingredients formed these products I used on my lovely every day. I wanted to know what was really in these products and how they could affect my son. What I found was shocking and unacceptable in my opinion; many mothers would agree. Therefore, I feel confident in my decision to use ONLY Young Living’s line made for babies called Seedlings. It’s essential oil infused and chemical-free.

Many of the “safe” ingredients in the products you use on your little ones really aren’t that safe. Our babies’ skins are perfect just the way they are! The less the better in my opinion. In hindsight, obviously there are products that are a must like wipes and diapers. So, a few ingredients to look out for are Talc, Parabens, Triclosan, and Fragrance. Honestly, there are so many I could write a novel! Why are these even in our babies’ lotions, wipes, body/hair washes, powders or diapers you say? Let me break it down for you:

Talc– is a mineral used in many baby powders to help prevent rashes and irritations as well as keeping those sensitive areas free of moisture. Many parents use it to help keep things “fresh” and smelling good to rid that stinky diaper smell. But many studies have concluded that using talc powder can cause ovarian cancer, lung cancer, induce respiratory issues and inflammation and uterine tumors. Extracting the minerals that make up talc have major causes for concern. Talc rock is mined extremely close to asbestos (a very well-known carcinogen) and is near impossible to select separately. The FDA doesn’t mandate the testing of talc present in products either. Fun right?

Parabens– are common chemicals used as preservatives in cosmetics, moisturizers, hair products, soaps and some deodorants. Preservatives are used to help prevent bacteria and mold from occurring in said products. The most common parabens are methylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben and butylparaben. The slow build up can create an excess number of free radicals and wreak havoc on your system. This can cause hormone disruption, breast cancer (due to parabens being estrogen mimickers), infertility and reproductive issues. Again, the FDA doesn’t have any set laws on regulating how much goes into any product but does require all ingredient listed on the package. Well that’s just helpful.

Triclosan– is a chemical known to be found in anything that is labeled “antibacterial”. It is an aggressive antibacterial agent that can promote drug-resistant bacteria. Some products it’s formulated in are nail glue, baby shampoos, hand soaps, blush, lip balm and toothpaste; just to name a few. Many side effects can occur upon using Triclosan. Studies have shown that in animals, this ingredient can be a hormone and thyroid disruptor. As well as, cause heart disease and failure. Thieves essential oil can do the exact thing that Triclosan can minus the atrocious side effects. It is a blend of oils known for their cleaning properties; lemon, cinnamon bark, rosemary, clove and eucalyptus radiata.

Fragrance– is an added ingredient that manufacturers use to make their products smell good or to cover up whatever chemicals they choose to use. Why is synthetic fragrance so bad? Well for starters, its SYNTHETIC! Secondly, it is an umbrella term for whatever ingredients companies want to add and not have to disclose or list on the product packaging. So, when you see “fragrance” on your favorite perfume, hand soap or candle who knows what chemical laden ingredient it really is. The long-term consequences for using these products are mind-blowing. Respiratory issues are a major concern, especially in young children. Chronic migraines, allergies, skin issues and eye damage are a handful of harmful side effects that could occur as well. Diapers, baby shampoos, baby lotions and wipes all have that great “fresh powder’ smell huh? Think twice before you buy these. Why not just use all-natural essential oils for your “smelly goodness”??

Honestly, I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on..……………… you get the point. There are so many harmful chemicals in not only our children’s products, but in ours as well. Therefore, I selected to use solely the Seedling’s line from Young Living. Their wipes (which I use as make-up wipes too), lotion, oil, body wash and shampoo, linen spray and diaper rash cream (a great zit cream too) are safe and effective. Although, there are many other companies that have FANTASTIC products for your little one too. Furthermore, DO YOUR RESEARCH. In the meantime, use some essential oils to brighten your day and sharpen your mind. You’ve got some work to do friend!


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