Ditch and Switch


What the heck are we talking about? Ditching what and switching to whom? Well, what a great question!! Here’s the answer……………EVERYTHING!! Have you ever really looked at the ingredients on some of the things you use in your home; for example, your cleaning products? Do me a favor, go under your kitchen sink or in your laundry room and pick one cleaning product and read the ingredients listed. I’ll wait……………. Now tell me, do you know what these mumble jumble, crazy long words, 20-deep list of ingredients are really doing? I mean I’m sure they are cleaning your home, but they are also leaving chemical residue and toxic filled odors all over your home. Did you know that most homes’ air quality is comparable to a major city’s? Too many questions and not enough answers I say.

There are many reasons to start switching some of these chemicals and toxins out of your home. But the most important one is YOUR HEALTH. Absorbed chemicals through the skin can go straight to your organs then travel into your bloodstream. Which in turn go to your heart, liver, lungs, brain, digestive system, nervous system, endocrine system and greatly affect your immune system and respiratory system. We kind of need these things to live a healthy life, right? These toxins find a way into our bodies and accumulate over time. We don’t have the necessary enzymes to break them down either; cue said infections, diseases, parasites and bacteria growth. Furthermore, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) doesn’t require or demand the testing of these products before they are sold. Says a lot about what their priorities are.

Things to ditch and switch- laundry detergent, dish soaps, hand soaps, dryer sheets, glass cleaners, wood cleaners, dish-washer soaps, multi-purpose cleaners, toothpaste, baby products (wipes, diapers, oils. rash creams, lotions, body and hair washes, etc.), candles, perfume or cologne, make-up, deodorant and so many more. Chemicals you say?? Well what kind? Here’s a list of some popular chemicals used in cleaning agents and how they can greatly affect you and your loved ones:

Triclosan– an aggressive antibacterial agent that can promote drug-resistant bacteria. Anything labeled “antibacterial” has Triclosan in it. It’s been linked to heart disease and    failure and hormone disruption through your endocrine system. I talked more about what this chemical is and how harmful it can be in this post here

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate OR Sodium Loreth Sulfate (SLS)– a detergent and surfactant used to make cleaning or hygienic products foam up. They are found in everything from soaps, toothpastes, shampoos, body washes and laundry soaps. It has been linked to disrupt endocrine and nervous systems and lead to skin irritations. Additionally, the absorption can foster cancer, organ toxicity and diarrhea and vomiting if ingested. Several studies have indicated that SLS will remain in a person’s system (Brain, Heart & Liver) for up to 4-5 days. Just wrong!

Phthalates– their main purpose is to soften PVC plastics to make it more malleable. It is also used as a solvent that can be easily dissolved and mixed with other ingredients. They are mainly found in industrial settings but can be found in wood finishings, detergents, cosmetics, hair spray, adhesives, medical tubing and food especially in meat and dairy products. Phthalates also occur naturally in your urine. Chemical exposure is mainly through inhalation but can also happen when exposed to your skin. They can cause migraines, severe respiratory issues especially in infants and young children, ADHD, male infertility, breast cancer, diabetes and are endocrine disruptors.

Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs)– found in fabric softeners or dryer sheets as well as in any cleaners labeled “antibacterial” like hand soaps and “all purpose”cleaners. The sole purpose of adding QACs is to prevent any bacteria from growing and to act as a disinfectant. Health issues are respiratory disorders such as asthma, extreme dermatitis and mucous membranes and eye injury due to any splashes or mist contact. Here is a PHENOMENAL fact sheet that has some really great information on QACs.

All these materials are well-known carcinogens and we are using and absorbing them daily. I’m horrified to say the least. I know I’m always preaching to do your research when it comes to your product usage but living a healthy lifestyle free of these substances can literally save your life. I depend on the Thieves cleaning line from Young Living to keep my messy home clean and smelling good without all those pesky toxins. I was a “hand washer after cleaning” kind of girl back in the days……. Haha! Now, not so much. While I’m tidying up my home I’m receiving an immune boost directly from my multi-purpose cleaner, my veggie spray and from my diffuser upon using Thieves. Such MAGIC! Now you know peeps, now you know. To learn more about Young Living’s Thieves line check it out here


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